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Construction Contractor Advisory Services

RHRS works closely with Contractors to understand the individual needs of the owners and of the company to provide the best mix of service and support;

RHRS provides expert service and advice regarding financial statement preparation, job costing, revenue recognition, tax method selection, bonding, bank credit and compliance reporting.

Systems Knowledge.
RHRS has expert level knowledge of a variety of construction accounting software solutions and offers assistance and training to ensure you are benefiting from the abilities of your systems.

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Auditing Services

RHRS auditing services allow clients to have the highest confidence that their financial information is accurate and fairly presented;

RHRS shares recommendations with clients on opportunities identified through the audit process aimed at improving financial processes, and system efficiency;

and Cost Effective.
RHRS works diligently to perform audits efficiently, and in the most cost-effective manner as possible.

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Tax Advice, Planning and Compliance

Innovative Ideas…
RHRS develops innovative ideas and suggestions that are crafted into tax plans tailored to each client’s particular business needs;

Appropriate Strategies…
Some RHRS tax strategies are simple while others are complex and rise out the firm’s in-depth knowledge of tax codes;

and Accurate and Timely Tax Filings.
RHRS prepares and files tax documents in compliance with IRS regulations, and the regulations of the many state and local jurisdictions where clients operate.

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Retirement Plan Audits

RHRS keeps abreast of the ever-changing audit requirements through regular traning resulting in efficient processes and lower fees;

RHRS will work directly with your third party provider or in house staff to limit your involvement with the audit process;

and Timely.
RHRS works to deliver the final report quickly and efficiently utilizing our technology and processes saving time and cost.

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Accounting Services

RHRS accounting services are tailored to fit each client’s individual needs;

RHRS creates a client accounting team composed of key RHRS staff, with the right skills and experience to meet the client’s needs;

and Accurate.
RHRS delivers accounting services that are accurate, and that provide key business data in a timely manner so that the client has all tools necessary to make critical business decisions.

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Business Succession Planning

RHRS works closely with clients who own small businesses to assist them in planning for the future of their business, organization or company;

RHRS listens closely to business owners to determine the appropriate succession plan;

and Effective.
Regardless whether client business owners wish to turn a business over to a succeeding generation, sell the business to fund a retirement, or sell interests in the business to provide funds for diversification, RHRS provides expert guidance on the process necessary to achieve the desired goals.

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CFO Services

RHRS works closely with client business owners, and their controllers and treasurers, to identify improved cash management methods;

RHRS analyzes such business operations as inventory control, cash flow, accounts payable / receivable, and payroll;

and Effective.
RHRS develops recommendations and proposals from its analysis to improve efficiency and profitability for client companies.

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Entity Planning

RHRS considers a variety of issues in making its determination on appropriate business structures for the client, including the type of product or service performed, whether the business operates on a cash or accrual basis, the business’ capital needs, its current and future staffing levels, and insurance requirements, among others;

RHRS carefully evaluates each client’s business plan, and listens carefully to each clients “go-forward” plan for the business, whether it is a new businesses, or an existing businesses experiencing growth and change;

and Collaborative.
RHRS cooperates closely with the client’s lawyers and investment advisors to work as a team to provide the best and most compatible advice to the client on appropriate business structures.

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Estate and Wealth Planning

Income and Wealth…
RHRS believes that businesses should generate income and wealth for their owners;

Increasing Business Returns…
RHRS crafts plans to help business owners limit tax obligations, and maximize the potential for increasing business returns;

and Financial Self-Sufficiency.
RHRS designs plans that keep each client’s money hard at work, building wealth, and financial self-sufficiency.

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Management Advisory Services

Targeted Advice...
RHRS spends time learning about each client’s individual business so that it can provide advice on a variety of business operations issues;

Risk Management Recommendations...
RHRS assists clients in determining appropriate levels of insurance for the business, including “key man “policies, and general liability coverage;

Integrated Approach.
RHRS collaborates closely with the client’s lawyers and investment advisors to work as a team to provide the best and most compatible advice to the client.

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